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Episode One
Shining Blade of Light
The episode begins with Canal and Kain breaking into a warehouse.  A secret auction is going on including stolen art and state of the art military weapons.  A blond woman is watching the auction and taking pictures as evidence.  It is Milly the World's Greatest Detective^.^;  Kain tells the girl to get out of his way.  Milly tries to hush him but Canal calls her silly.  Milly makes a cape comment and both Canal and Milly start in on him.  Kain tells Milly that she should leave and that it is dangerous there.  They start arguing again but Milly tells Kain to hurry up the kittens are waiting.

     Security shows up.  And they try to pass themselves off as two dancers and their Lady manager.  Security guy tells Kain that he is too cute to be covering “herself” up with the cape and should dress like a lady.  Kain loses it and blows their cover.

     Dahless finds out that there is intruders, realizes they're not the police and wonders if they are with Nightmare.  He calls Zennan  who goes after them.

     Milly and Kain argue.  Milly leaves.

     Zennan find them and attacks.  Takes Milly prisoner.  Canal loses hologram capability.  She starts searching the auction's database.
Dahless  broadcasts Milly being auctioned off.

     Canal launches Sword breaker and asks Kain if he wants a lift.  Kain frees Milly and asks her how much she's worth.  They argue, however the are interrupted by a big bad mecha piloted by Zennan.

     Kain whips out his psi -blade (Think sword of light).  Milly says  “That's a psi-Blade... It can only be activated when high mental strength and energy combine. But only people with an iron will are supposed to be able to use one. Then why can this idiot...”

     The Universal Guardians show up led by Rail Claymore.  Rail makes a few comments about Canal and Kain being trouble shooters that worked cheap, leaving me with the impression that Kain and Canal were a cheap way to get the dirty work done.
     The last scene has Kain and Canal delivering a child's tea set to an appreciative young girl.  Kain doesn't charge them very much.  The episode finishes with Swordbreaker (the space ship) flying off  and Canal threatening to cut off life support expenses if they don't make more money soon.

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