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Episode Four

 Milly is in the kitchen again.  The kitchen doesn't last long, but I have a feeling Kain is going to be putting on some pounds if he ever slacks off.  Canal is not impressed with the damage to the ship and an argument erupts.

Canal lets them know of a potential contract guarding a weapons factory. Canal really wants the contract (weapons don't be silly of course she wants to go)  This contract however is a set up by Glenn who wants to test Kain.

They arrive at the weapons factory, above is the security satellite . They enter the warehouse below  and meet with an old man and woman who then leave.  They start patrolling.  “The Greatest Guardian in the Universe, and her silly teammate are patrolling a dark tunnel.” says Milly.  You have to love her lines.

Kain takes out his psi blade but tells Milly that it does tire him.  All of a sudden the security system comes back on line and the fun begins, with Glen in the background being very happy.  Canal tries to hack into the system to get them out before they're fried but she's locked out.

Glen wonders if the lost ship will help Kain.
Kain starts cutting his way out with the psi blade.  Milly wonders why he didn't do it before. But Kain tells her that he cant keep it up for long.

Disaster!  Kain's cape is ripped.
They are still being targeted by the security system and Kain's psi blade is pretty weak.
The satellite begins to fall, and is about to smash into Swordbreaker.  Swordbreaker can't move because it is within the security barrier.

Kain realizes that they are not after the weapons factory but the ship instead.  Kain hitches a ride with a missile to get to Swordbreaker.  This is the first time we see the ship and Kain in action together.  I'm going to include a script sequence here and write in visuals.  This is so cool.

Kain - Canal, prepare the Plasma Blast!
Canal - Roger! Extending Boost Chips.
These six chips fly out and take position outside of the ship.
 Canal - Extending complete. Proceeding to connect system. Connect complete. Readings normal. All systems check normal.
Kain- Boost Chips, begin activation sequence.

Lights comes out of the ships to form line by line a six cornered star in front of the ship.

Canal - Attempt destruction of enemy barrier with psi-Energy. Target locked. Begin psi-Barrier conversion.  psi-Barrier conversion complete. Release Boost Valve.  Prepare for Plasma Blast safety release.  Safety released. Increasing energy. Countdown 3 process to start... Process 2... Last Process. All processing complete. You may fire at will!

At this point the energy fires out in a great flash.  Target is vaporized.  Glen does not expect this and leaves to report what had occurred.

Later when the old couple return and ask how much they are owed they refuse payment and take off.  They then notice that something is missing overhead.^_^

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