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Episode Eight
Instead of filler episode, I am going to call this one a character development episode.^_^

Flashback to Kain with his grandmother talking about going to space together in Swordbreaker and how the ship is Kain's when his grandmother dies.

Canal then wakes him up.

The silliness begins Kain and Milly are fighting over the bathroom.  Kain threatens Canal's fern if she doesn't make another bathroom.

Arguments galore until a distress call comes from a forbidden area of course out intrepid heroes decide to investigate.  When they get to the area they find that it's an abnormal gravity point aka a spaceship graveyard.  The ship that called them had been lost for 48 years.  Milly of course thinks this is cool.  When they open up the airlock the find a toilet there. As they roam the ship they find that every thing is confused and warped.  Milly finds a crystal.

Kain feels nervous about the stone.  Actually if Kain gets a bad feeling about something it's usually accurate.  The stone is completely made up of an unknown substance.  Dreams of fame dance though Milly's eyes.

Canal finds and takes the ships log.  They leave. From the log they discover that the crystal was the cause of the ship being dead.  

Canal starts getting abnormal reading as she discovers that the crystal is in fact a weapon from the lost ship era.  What is does is switch patches of reality around. Milly wonders where the washroom is.

When next we see Kain and Milly they are uselessly trying to keep their minds off the toilet playing word association games, it doesn't work.  They both lose it and start rushing around the ship looking for a toilet.  This is a LOT funnier than it sounds.

In their search Milly finds a new room filled with momentos of Kain's childhood. Milly listens to a voice recording of a ladie’s voice. “Excavation... Lost ship... ferocious... Demon Lord... fear... ...demons of the galaxy... Canal Vorfied ... only hope... this boy... Kain...”

This is followed by a conversation between Kaine and the lady (his Grandmother) about his dreams of the future.
Kaine finds and destroys the crystal.  But who gets the washroom

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