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Stories to Come
Slayers - Universe
Lina and Xellos visit the world of Darkstar and Vorfield
In progress

Sylfiel and Gourry have to face a new challenge without Lina

Slayers - Blue
A world new world for our heroes to conquer. Is Safiro ready for Lina?

Slayers - Fog
The last world on the world staff .Will Xellos and Lina survive this and go home?

 Honour of the Clans
Milgazia and Filia have a long ways to go in shaking  the dragon clans out of thier stagnation and into contact with the rest of the world. Can they do it? In progress.

Rebuilding a Family
With his brother still an egg in arms and a ragtag assortment of Dragon children in tow, how will Milgazia make a home for them all?

With the exception of Slayers-Universe and Honour of the Clans these titles are tentative.  I'm open to other ideas for side stories or fic submissions continuing or using my story line.   If there are any questions feel free to email me.  I'm also available on msn IM as Jeniam or AIM as jeniamlu.

I'm pretty open to questions.(Even silly ones.....well ....especially silly ones ^_^)

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