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Fan Fiction

Jeniam's Stories

Slayers - Quest The first in a series of stories set after try, uses a combination of the novels
  and the anime. complete

Slayers -  Universe Takes place after Quest. Lina and Xellos go to the Lost Universe world.   Chapter 13 incomplete.

Honour of the Clans a side story to quest, can be read separately though. Looks at the reintegration of the dragon clans into the world around them. 2 Chapters - incomplete.

Untitled   This is a songfic/prologue to the Gourry/Sylfiel  arc.  Universe hasn't been cooperating so I thought I'd do something different to get rid of the taint which emerged in Chap 13.

Stories to come Just some ideas for the future

Saphire Draco's Stories

The First time a sweet Gourry Lina fic set in their future.

Musings Xellos's thoughts after the events of try

Alchemy of Love a side story set between the events of Quest and Universe

Slayers: Death's Aria This is one of my favorites. Set during the time of the War of the  Monsters fall, it deals with the fallout on the human population.  Has a  well developed original character and everyone's favorite fruitcake.   Chapter 7 incomplete

I'll be There a short story with enough angst to feed Xellos for a month.

When Light is Lost Death, destruction and Dark Gourry. Complete with a new alternate ending.

Scarlet  Dark, well it is Saph, ^_^ centers around Sylfiel. All these good stories.

Shadow Dancer's Stories

On the WIngs of a wish and a Prayer a bit of WAFF featuring Lina and Migazia ?!

In the Darkest of Nights The companion piece to On the Wings of a Wish and a Prayer, as with all Shadows stories very well done.

Slayers:Dragon Cycle another personal favorite. Poor Mil minding his own business and who should he meet up with, the Slayers gang. Chapter 9- incomplete

 How Could I    another cute short fic, featuring  who else Lina and Mil (this was done by  Shadow ^_^. It's done with Gourry's POV, which makes it a bit different.

The Rise of the Dragon Lord This is a new story Shadow started very dark, but very very  good.  It looks at what happened to the dragons immediately  after the Kouma  War.  Just remember war = dark you have been  warned. Chapter 1 - incomplete

Heart's Litany   This is a poem about the world from Milgazia's view point, very poignant.

Shades of Sorrow and Sadness  Get out the tissues for this one. Shadow has added a second chapter to the story she began in Letters to my Beloved.  Very touching, 2 chapters - incomplete.

Words I Wish To Say  This is WAFF done Shadow's way, what can I say read it

Humerous Fics

Slayers! Soap Opera! by Saphire Draco

A Cute Little Nightmare by Shadow Dance

Original Stories
Teaser for Ship Rat by Jeniam

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