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Chapter Two

          It was two years ago, they were in the New World getting ready to head for home. Spirits were high, everyone was happy and then the final moments of what Gourry would look back on as his last good memory ended.

          The sky turned black as clouds covered the sun, it began raining. What should have been clear water was red, the color of blood. Where ever it fell, it burned all it touched. They all ran for shelter to escape the falling torment when a  scream filled the air. Lina.. something had happened to Lina..

          Amelia was dying..Zelgadis could barely move..Filia had came to help, she was healing Amelia..Lina..where was Lina..

          The rain  had stopped falling, but the ground, the trees, even the people who couldn't escape it..all dead...

          Laughter surrounded them, echoing..winds tore at everyone's clothes..Filia supported Zelgadis...I held Amelia...they had fought as much as they could, it was all as useless as I was...

Another attack..Everyone was laying dazed or unconscious...Lina!..Lina was standing before us! NO! LINA!



          Night was well on it's way to giving into dawn as Gourry lay there staring at the ceiling. He had let himself sleep earlier in the night, his efforts to rest were rewarded with another nightmare. Giving up on sleeping afterwards. He just lay there staring at the ceiling.

          Sleep  had once been his escape from things, like magic lectures he didn't understand, now now it is his worst torment. He never slept in the same place his former life had led him with Lina, staying at the same inn or camp site only made the pain worse. Gourry would go to great lengths to ensure the nightmares didn't come. .Oblivion could only  be found at the bottom of an empty bottle at a bar on most nights.


          Amelia heard the knock on her door, looking over she yawned rising from her bed. Slipping her robe on she opened the door expecting to find a servant with her breakfast. She never expected to find Zelgadis pushing the cart in.

          She stepped back letting him in, closing her robe. "Good morning Mr.. Zelgadis. I didn't expect you this early. Did you sleep well?" She moved to help him set their breakfast out on the table.

          "I came to talk really and I thought this would be as good a time as any. I'm not sure when Gourry will be up, but after last night I think it's going to be a few hours." He looked at her blank expression and couldn't help but smile a bit. "Sorry, I forget you don't know yet. About an hour after Gourry threatened me, I heard him awake from a nightmare. He hasn't slept all night."

          "He threatened you? Why? What for?" Amelia nearly dropped her own cup of coffee. "My fault really.. I tried to push him into going to see Lina." Zel just stared at his reflection in the black liquid held by his cup.

          "Mr.. Zelgadis! We talked about this! We both agreed not to pressure him! Two years it took for him to come to us, how long will it be for him to come this far again if he decides to leave again!" Amelia was angry at Zelgadis, she wouldn't loose this chance.
          "I know. I know. I'm not going to mention it again. I admit I had thought of a few times going after him and forcing him back to Zephilia, but now that Gourry has the Sword of Light again I backing away from that option. He's changed Amelia, he isn't the same Gourry." He looked at Amelia thinking of how she has changed too. She isn't the little Princess that had annoyed him nearly five years ago. No, she was becoming a great Princess and she would be an even greater Queen.

          "Well for now, lets just let all talk of the future and let the past go around Mr.Gourry. Lets just live in the present. You know he has withdrawn into himself more than you ever did Mr.. Zelgadis." She sat eating quietly, not missing a single action that went on before her. "I have cleared the next few days of anything that doesn't need immediate attention. When Mr. Gourry decides to awake we shall see what plans need to be made."

          "Plans about what Amelia?" Gourry had opened the door to her inner quarters and was standing there listening.

          Zelgadis spit his coffee out shocked that Gourry had snuck up on them. 'Is he that good now, or was I that lost in thought..' "Good morning Gourry. He looked at his friend, still a bit on edge around him, but then noticed he wasn't wearing his armor.
          Amelia thanked Cepheid she had just sat her drink down, she was sure she would have dropped it on herself. She quickly smiled when she saw that he wasn't wearing armor and realized that he didn't look ready to leave. "Good morning Mr.. Gourry! I'll have breakfast brought into you. What would you like?" She wasn't sure how much he ate now after watching him last night.

          "I'll eat later Amelia, thank you. Now what plans were you talking about?" He stood against the door, ready to turn and leave if it was plans to make him go to Zephilia.

          "I cleared most of my week, to have time to spend with you and Mr. Zelgadis. In fact, I know what will be the first plan. Mr. Gourry I am taking you shopping. Those clothes look like they are ready to fall apart!" She stood up to inspect him.

          Zel smiled inwardly. Gourry was at a loss, this was not what he was expecting at all. Amelia continued to fuss at Gourry, telling him how he needed to take better care of himself, learn to sew and eat more. She was a whirl of talk and energy. Zelgadis wanted to just laugh at the scene.  Then it turned ugly.

          "I mean after all, Mr. Gourry, when you go to see Miss Lina, you don't want to look like this do you?" Amelia was so wrapped up in her enthusiasm she never realized what she had said.

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