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Jeniam's Stories

Slayers - Quest The first in a series of stories set after try, uses a combination of the novels
    and the anime. complete

Slayers -  Universe Takes place after Quest. Lina and Xellos go to the Lost Universe world.
   Chapter 12 incomplete.

Honour of the Clans a side story to quest, can be read separately though. Looks at the
     reintegration of the dragon clans into the world around them. 2 Chapters-

Stories to come Just some ideas for the future

Saphire Draco's Stories

The First time a sweet Gourry Lina fic set in their future.

Musings Xellos's thoughts after the events of try

Alchemy of Love a side story set between the events of Quest and Universe

Slayers: Death's Aria This is one of my favorites. Set during the time of the War of the
  Monsters fall, it deals with the fallout on the human population.  Has a
  well developed original character and everyone's favorite fruitcake.
  Chapter 7 incomplete

I'll be There a short story with enough angst to feed Xellos for a month.

When Light is Lost Death, destruction and Dark Gourry. Chapter 12 - incomplete.

Shadow Dancer's Stories

On the WIngs of a wish and a Prayer a bit of WAFF featuring Lina and Migazia ?!

Slayers:Dragon Cycle another personal favorite. Poor Mil minding his own business and who
   should he meet up with, the Slayers gang. Chapter 4 - incomplete

Humerous Fics

Slayers! Soap Opera! by Saphire Draco

A Cute Little Nightmare by Shadow Dancer