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Chapter Four
Diamonds -
Not a girls best friend

     As Amelia woke, she found Melee up to a new trick, this time she had thrown flowers onto Amelia  until she was completely covered.

     “Good morning” Amelia sneezed.  Then looked round and smiled, “I’ve always wanted a bed of flowers.”

     Getting up she stretched,  Lina was sitting down seriously reading the manuscripts that they had brought back.  She heard the sounds of Mr Zelgadis and Gourry fishing nearby and Mr Xellos was sitting by himself drinking a cup of tea.  Remembering what Lina had said the other night she walked over to Xellos.

     “Mr Xellos can I do anything to help?” Amelia asked quietly.

     “You do not have any blackness on your soul,  how can any of you tell me how to deal with this.” Xellos answered with a harsh edge to his voice. He then sighed, “you did not deserve that, I am sorry.”

     Amelia looked at Xellos bemused, she did not know what was stranger his comment or his apology.  “ You can’t change what you did in the past, you were unable to do anything different,  true justice demands only that you atone for you sins by helping others, each of us can start afresh by deciding to follow the path of love and justice.”

     “One of you is enough Amelia, if Xellos start jumping up on tree branches and making speeches I’m running away.” Lina yelled from where she was reading.

     Xellos  laughed, “Amelia you do make sense, you’re saying that my actions now are what counts.  I can feel your concern and your friendship.  I thank you, you have given me a path to follow.”

     Lina stalked over, “Enough of this feel good stuff, we are going to have to go south, Melee has forgotten to tell us a few things.  We have two more items to collect at least the next one on the path to a village.”

     “A village that means...” Amelia jumped up happily.  “ a bath”

     “a restaurant...” Lina added.

     “people...” Xellos interjected unhappily.

     “Magic shops!” Lina finished.

     “Here’s the fish” Gourry then asked. suspiciously “Why are you guys so happy? Did I miss something?  Where’s Melee?”

     Melee materialised before them and wagged a finger “That is a secret.”

     “No.” Lina shouted and began chasing a laughing Melee around. “You have a lot of questions to answer so stop and answer them.”

     “Don’t you want to eat” Melee replied floating just outside of Lina’s reach.

     As Lina considered frying Melee with a fireball, her stomach made a loud protest.  “Food first then you better be prepared to tell me what’s going on.”

     Zelgadis watched from the edge of the clearing.  Looking at Xellos he could not find the anger or the hate he was expecting.  It was Xellos’s eyes that made the difference.  For once they were not hidden and Zel could make out the pain in them, Xellos was no longer the cruel monster that had enraged him but another person who had regrets and pain the same as he had.  He could be friends with this new person.  he considered Lina had taught friendship and caring to Xellos just as earlier she had taught him the same things.  It was strange how a feared and abrasive person such as Lina was could touch all of them and change them all.

     After the usual breakfast battle, they packed up and got ready to go.  A soft outcry from Xellos caught Lina’s attention.  “What’s up, Xellos” she asked as she walked towards him.

     “This.”  He showed her his staff.  The stone at the end had lost all of it’s inner light and a deep crack showed though the centre. “It must have been destroyed when Melee chose me, how could I have not noticed?”

     “Well you did have other things on your mind Xellos,  It does explain the reference to the priest’s diamond I found in the manuscripts.  It was a powerful stone created by L-Sama when she created the world.  A knight of Cepheid found it and used it for a while so it’s sometimes known as the knights diamond.  From what I can understand he was unable to use it’s true power because of his nature, it’s purpose is not described but it seem fairly obvious that you need it for your new staff.

     “Makes sense.” Xellos replied and learned over and stroked Lina’s cheek.  He smiled as she blushed furiously.

     “Do that again and you’re going to be a Xellos pancake.” Lina told him dangerously.

     “But its so much fun. Lina my dear ”Xellos answered a happy smile on his face.

     “You’re getting back to normal aren’t you that means I don’t have to tiptoe any more” Lina growled.  “So be careful and keep your little fingers out of my emotions.”  Melee won’t find the pieces after I’m done with you.”

     Lina stalked towards the path her back stiff not looking to see if the others were following.  “Hurry up we want to have real food for lunch.”

     Melee caught up to her before the others.  “With the diamond, he will be complete.  Hurry, hurry I’m becoming lost. The diamond will start to bring the balance back.  The unwilling is next, the diamond for the priest, the sword for the unwilling”

     Lina turned on Melee and gave up as she recognised the look on Melee’s face.  She would deal with Melee late when she was more coherent.  Lina didn’t like questions and there was something about this unwilling stuff that chilled her soul.

Chapter Five