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The  place to find fan art, the fan fics are in Korean though >_<, If they're as good as the art I'll be learning another language really quick.  Eugene Chung was kind enough to loan me the title artwork for
Slayers-Quest.  There are some really talented people here.

Lots of really good Fan fics, and an online manga "Magical Boys" which will make you beg for more.

 Up to date inu yasha information and translations.  With very few exceptions there is a new issue translated every week.  There are also interviews, scans and a bunch of fun stuff.

THE site for solid information for the true Slayers Otaku.  There are summaries  of the Slayers novels, info about battles and magic, and great fanworks (the main reason I cruise slayers sites ^_^)

Dragon's Peak: Milgazia no Haiden

This site specializes in dragons with a special emphasis on Milgazia.  Lots of neat and obscure facts. Also fanfiction, fan art,cells, sound bites ect. It's definitely worth checking out.  Shadow was kind enough to let me use the Milgazia scans found in who's who.
 Thanks Shadow^_^

This site contains a lot of information gems gathered at various conventions, there are VA, artist and designer interviews as well as gossip from various conventions.  A must visit for all the Con deprived folks out there (me included)

A very new site with some interesting bits and pieces, worth checking out.

Lost Universe Links

Lost Universe Database
One of the very few LU sites out there some great graphics fanfics and the start of some novel translations. Hopefully all the stuff they promised will be up soon
I keep on checking  and checking *_*;

A cute little site, with some nice effects.  A very comprehensive clip gallery as well.

A very new site, has some great fan art (I have some in my fanart section) and a good clip gallery.  The fanfic section has one story so far but it's good.

Manga Scan/trans Sites
a list of sites where I've found Manga scans and translations

Here are my banners for anyone who wants to link, let me know though
 (It'll just make my day)

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