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DragonBall - The Adventure Begins

I do not own dragon ball, dragon ball Z or dragon ball GT. Yada, yada, yada …
Sliding her books from her locker, she threw back her hair and hummed to softly herself, just one more day of school and then graduation. Looking quickly at her textbooks she checked to make sure they were all there. "Advanced physics, check. Molecular chemistry, check. Advanced robotics, check. Oh, where is my programming research paper? Oh right I passed that in last month, I hope I kept it simple enough for the teacher."
She heard a step behind her and turned quickly.
"Hi kid exempted exams again?"
She flushed as she saw Brian a fellow classmate. He was repeating molecular chemistry and was barely passing even with all the extra coaching she had been giving him.
"Well, with my dad, I've been forced to learn this stuff early, survival mechanism."
"Good one Bulma, most kids your age aren’t even done high school and here you are finishing university on the dean’s list. Oh! There's Marie; I have to check with her about timings for the graduation party. Take care."
Tears filled Bulma’s eyes as she considered her dateless and boyfriendless future, who wanted to date the school prodigy, the youngest kid in the university, none of the guys here for sure Beauty and brains all gone to waste. She remembered back to a conversation she had overheard once between the two guys she had mooned over during her freshman year.
"Hey Barry, What are we going to do about the brat, she’s ruining the curve I’ll never get a decent grade with her in the class"
"Don’t worry Mike, chat her up like I do. She gets so flustered she never even notices when you copy her papers"
Shaking her head she continued on to classes, they both wore black eyes for a week when she had finished with them. Her temper did get her into trouble sometimes but she knew that she was learning to control it, with just a bit more practice she could become the sweet lady her mother wanted, then again she snorted with self-knowledge, maybe not.
The next day she sat in the capsule corps library and tried to think of how she would spend her summer before grad school. The choices were frustrating. She could work with her dad, fun but routine. She could go on one of the research projects that she had been invited to participate in, the robotics experiments that Dr. Gero was conducting did sound so interesting... Mulling over her options, her eyes fell on a book of legends that had been left on a table sitting beside a golden ball. Looking in the book, she read the legend of the dragon balls and the wish.
" Found the ball Bulma? What do you think?" Asked her father as he entered the room.
"What is it Dad? Do you mean the legend is real?"
"Don’t know. The researched at the lab got some really strange energy readings on it, but with the other things going on right now I don’t know when we’ll have time to start a proper study on it. You can play with it if you want to dear"
"Thanks Dad" She grabbed the ball and the book and ran to the lab that had been hers since she was ten
Two weeks later she sat staring at her newest invention, the dragon radar. Glowing on the screen were seven points of light, the legend was true. They were all there and she could find them, Darn it she was going to find them!
Packing up her capsules she jumped in her hovercar, "Here I come dragonballs! Bulma is going to have an adventure!
"I'm off to see the dragon the wonderful dragon of…oops, couldn't help it!"

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