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Bulma After the Premiere

Just some thoughts after seeing the Trunks dubs, I had to watch my fansubs to reaffirm that Bulma is not a ditz
Standard disclaimer I don't own anything but my thoughts, certainly not the DBZ characters
Bulma quietly sat at her mirror and brushed her hair, a sigh escaped her lips as she thought about the premiere she had just watched, how could they have gotten so many of her thoughts and words twisted around so badly. Putting her brush down she pulled out a gray hair "another one, Iíll either have to dye my hair or let it go gray at this rate Iíll be bald soon."
She knew she was vain, and opinionated but she was never the airhead that movie had made her out to be and her relationship with Vegita was a lot simpler and a lot more complicated than anyone, even Trunks knew, Funimation was so lucky that she wasnít going to sue. Thinking back to specifics, she knew that she never would have joked about dreaming of kissing Vegita to Yamcha and the comment about going to see Freeza because she wanted to see if he was cute, yick! Vegita had told her once that her comment about dying whether she was there or not was what made him realize even with no ki she still had a fighting heart, something her friends had always known.
How had it begun? At first there was the gradual dying of her relationship with Yamaha coupled with his jealousy of Vegitaís fighting skills. Then a drifting, nothing really said just Yamcha's becoming more open about his other women giving them an excuse to call it quits. While watching Vegita her mothering instincts had set in; she had never seen a man who so needed someone to look after him. Making sure he rested and ate took a lot of bullying and arguing, most of the time he would take a break muttering that it was the only way to train without her giving him a headache with her nagging.
Love had taken them both by surprise, not looking for it and there it was passionate, demanding all of her strength and energy. While arguing about what she no longer remembered, she had tried to slap Vegita; he had grabbed just her hand and looked in her eyes. The next morning they had woken up bodies intertwined, lying on the floor of the gravity chamber. Their relationship hadnít outwardly changed much afterwards; a softening of his eyes when he looked at her, he also was a little, just a little more compliant when she tried to take care of him.
He had seemed to ignore her pregnancy, shocking her parents. Going to the window and staring at the gravity chamber a newer one that the one he had used those days, Bulma remembered how Vegita had redoubled his efforts to become stronger, to make sure that she and Trunks would survive the androids coming.
Oh well the next part of the documentary of the android era was coming soon she could only hope that the words put in their mouths would be truer to who they were than this last one. At least they couldnít make poor Goku sound any stupider than they did, mind you heís not the sharpest tool in the toolbox but that was a bit much.

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