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Welcome to Jeniam's spot on the web.

A site dedicated to the magic of Slayers and Lost Universe.

This is a fairly new site, so things are still taking shape. All the sections do have something in them and new bits are still being added.  I'd welcome any fanfic/fan art submissions, as well as, any biographies of your favorite manga/anime artist/writer. Full credit will be given. No Hentai or ecchi please.  I'll be updating as I go along.

There are spoilers all over the place, So Beware!

New Fan Fic Contest
Okay we're going to do the one hour fic contest
that means one hour of writing including corrections and proofing. I'll post the pics at the end of march and we'll do an email vote intally. 1 email addy = one vote

May 1/02 Hey all good news I've put up SDC chapters 7 and 8. Thanks Shadow. I also have some new work by Saph in my inbox for proofing. I'm also getting stuff tranfered over to the new domain, bit by bit. Have fun with the new chaps ^_^


April 21/02 So long no posting, sorry all, I've gotten swept up in real life, bummer eh ^_^. It's a long story as my near and dear know, however I'm getting back in the swing of things. I'm going to be moving soon to Neat name for the domain, thanks Saph and Shadow! It looks like I'll be having the haiden moving in with me if I can figure out this sub domain thing. 500 MG's what to do what to do ^_^.

Jan 22/02 chapters six and seven are up for slayers:Dragon Cycle. I'm slowly.... very slowly getting used to my new HTML editor. So please be patient. Thanks!!

Jan 20/02 Sorry for the problems with the updates. I'm doing my best however real life is against me. I should have the new SDC chapters up soon.

Dec 12/01 Due to a lot of whining from me.
Her story is now titled 'Shades of Sorrow and Sadness'   chapter two 'She has your...' is now posted. Thanks Shadow you keep on teaching me how effective good whining is ^_^.

Dec 6/01 Two new pictures by Shadow, one is a portrait of herself as she appears in Rune Simbriant's
Slayers Magical School.  The other is Milgazia done in Clamp Style, as always the art work is great. I'm so jealous >_<.

Dec 5/01 three count them three new stories! Shadow has A Letter to My Beloved and Words I wish to Say. Saph then made my day complete by sending me Scarlet. Read and enjoy!

Oct 23/01 A new chap for Slayers Dragon Cycle, number 5 to be specific.
 Thanks Shadow you made my night.

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