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Lina Inverse Sorceress Extrordinaire
Young, brash and in control, she can eat more in a meal than most of us eat in a month, she is  loyal, brave and funny just don't call her flat chested Okay.

Gourry Gabriev
One of the best swordsmen alive, Gourry is intensely loyal to Lina.  He can sense danger, is willing to go against any foe, too bad he's such a Jelly fish outside of battle or else he'd be the perfect man.

Princess Amelia Wil Tesla S
A fighter for the cause of justice Amelia tends to be a little too perky for the comfort of those around her but she is a very strong practitioner of white magic.  If only she'd temper her love of justice with a tiny bit of common sense.  However being around Lina is a good learning experience for this future ruler.

Zelgadis Greywords
Given his chimeric form by his grandfather Rezo (or Great Grandfather) Zel has a major chip on his shoulder, mind you having everyone run away in fear from you probably doesn't help.  After having joined Lina's merry band,  he's found himself mellowing out.  Amelia following him around like a puppy probably doesn't hurt either ^_^ as much as he tries to ignore her.

Xellos Mettalium
The one character that everyone loves or hates, Xellos is a monster with a sense of humor.  Since he feeds on negative emotions, his sense of humor is not a nice one. He follows Lina's band for his own reasons and helps them or hinders again for his own reasons.  But what is he up to?
Well, That is a Secret.

Filia Ul Copt
This former priestess of the Fire Dragon King is working off a lot of guilt.  The last of the golden dragons she has found out that her clan was responsible for killing off the ancient dragons she is repenting by taking care of Val Gaav, a reborn ancient dragon.

Looking for love in all the wrong places, Martina even followed Xellos around for a while before finally roping Zangalus.  A princess whose kingdom was destroyed by Lina, she spent too much time and energy on revenge and not enough on rebuilding before she got married.  Last time she was seen it appeared that her priorities were straight.

One of the few swordsmen who can give Gourry a run for his money, Zangalus is obsessed with finding strong opponents.  He also ends up marrying Martina O.o;

This shrine maiden is another strong white magic practitioner.  In love with Gourry she has learned the dragon slave to be a proper road companion for him.   Her past is riddled with sadness, her home town was destroyed and her family killed during the various battles, then resurrected and destroyed again.  Personally, I find Sylfiel, along with Filia to the most tragic figures in the series.

Naga The White Serpent
Just don't let her laugh, this sorceress was Lina's companion before Gourry.  She is loud, has an unrealistic view of her own abilities and an attitude that just won't stop.  There are quite a few rumours going around about Naga, one that seems to be true is that she is Amelia's sister and that she ran away after the death of her mother.  (There are so many distortions/fan facts going around that it is very difficult to state definitive information about Naga)

The oldest (and largest) dragon on Dragon's peak, Milgazia is also the guardian of the Clair bible.  While not seen much in the anime ,Milgazia is much more active in the novels, joining Lina with his companion Memphis (an elf maid) in fighting various monsters including Dynast.

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