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Lost Universe
Kain Blueriver
 Pilot and owner of the lost Ship Swordbreaker.  Has a cape fetish and wields a psy blade that has more than a passing resemblance to the sword of light.  While his voice actor is the worse that I've heard, he is truly an interesting character who does a lot of growing and maturing throughout the series.

Rail Claymore
 Kain's contact with the universal Guardians has some Very Interesting friends but has the human race's interests at heart.  He has a lot more knowledge about the lost ships than he lets on.

Canal Vorfeid
  Sword breakers AI, a weapons freak also known as Vorfied.  Actually Kain's grandmother gave her feelings so she has evolved past the other lost ships and will actually work for the good of the humans.  Vorfied was constructed for the sole purpose of fighting Darkstar and  was not supposed to care who got in her way.

Neena Sweetwater
Rails right hand person, a very sweet girl that has a very bad habit of shorting out any nearby electronics.  When Rail goes missing she teams up with Milly and becomes a fugitive to save him.

Milly (Millenium) Feria Nocturne
The world's Greatest sidekick.  Falling in with Kain and Canal during her search to prove that she is the world's best at just about everything. This expert shot has a dark secret in her family that is a lot worse than a drunken Uncle Ernie.

Dark Seeder
The pilot of Darkstar, wielder of the other sword of light, This is the man Kain holds responsible for the death of his grandmother.  He is a major force in Nightmare, one that Stargazer only believes works for him.

Albert Stargazer
The leader of Nightmare, he is bad to the bone and doesn't even have good looks to redeem him.  You can hate him with no qualms what so ever.

The most powerful of the evil lost ships, Darkstar was literally created to combat
Swordbreaker.  Piloted by Dark Seeder


Lagudo Mezigisu(Ragdon)
This is the lost ship discovered by Nightmare in episode 17.
   It is stolen and piloted by Rail for reasons unknown.

Golun Nova

Kain's lost ship, Canal being the AI.The use of the psycho cannon is just
sooo neat.  There's a link to the DoGa web site clips page at the bottom of Misc.
if you want to see for yourself.  They're short and fast loading
no sound effects though.

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