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Episode Nine
Wanderers Conclusion

Two boys are running down a hallway and we find out they are in an old space ship which has obviously seen better days.  They find an old basketball court.  Kain is already there playing, the kids object and Kain leaves.

Canal explains to Milly that the ship is an old immigration ship probably the last one left.  It is still looking for a planet after 40 years.  The immigration ship is computer controlled.  We find out that someone is trying to sell the ship right out from the occupants feet.

The boys who got Kain to leave are arguing with another group of boys.  They end up planning a basketball duel for court ownership. Kain overhears the discussion.

Milly warns  Kane(over the radio) and Canal that whoever she's watching are moving and to be ready. Kain wishes the boys good luck and leaves.

Bad guys attack an old security officer.  We find out that the Sword breaker's crew is working for immigration.  The anti-matter core is pretty hot after 40 years of travelling and is worth a lot for weapons production.

As the bad guys leave they tell Kain that they will take over the ship,  Milly tells Kain that no one knows where the control room is any more (ship is completely run by computer).  The security officer tells them that he is worried that they may never find a planet.  Kain tells the security guard not to give up.

Kain talks to our young basketball players they are pretty discouraged but Kain decides to coach them.  Male bonding stuff happens, boys make fun of Kainís cape, ect.

Bad guys get a hold of immigration shipís engineering  designs.

Boys play basketball.  Control area entrance is by the basket ball court. Kaine doesnít let them interrupt the game.  ships attack outside but guess what....Itís Canal and Swordbreaker to the rescue

Kaineís team wins the match.

Kain fights with bad guys.  He wins.

Just after the fights/games the ship begins to shake. Planet fall after 40 years.

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