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Episode Guide-LU

Volume summaries are there (Yes I cheated)  I'll be posting the episode summaries as I rewatch the series and write them up.  The summaries for volumes one, two and five are done. I've done episodes 9 & 10 of Volume three.

Volume One   In Space it is Very Very Dark

Episode one Shining Blade of light

Episode Two  Flying Goddess

Episode Three  Dancing in the Kitchen

Episode Four   Roaring the Fire

Volume Two    The Ultimate Fowl

Episode Five  Bad Angel Run

Episode Six    Audience With a Chess Player

Episode Seven   Neena is distress

Episode Eight   Lost Lavatory

Volume Three    Flushed in Space

Episode Nine     Wanderers Conclusion

Episode Ten   Losing a Friend

Episode Eleven   Clearing the Rain of Tears

Episode Twelve

Volume Four    Psyche Up! Freak Out!

Episode Thirteen

Episode Fourteen

Episode Fifteen

Episode Sixteen

Volume Five    Union of Evil

Episode Seventeen

Episode Eighteen   The Scoundrel is Swept Away

Episode Nineteen   Darkness Lurks

Episode Twenty    Nightmare Prevails

Volume Six  The Perfect Firestorm

Episode Twenty-one   Field of Ice Burns

Episode Twenty-two

Episode Twenty-three

Volume Seven  The Last Move is Always the Deadliest

Episode Twenty-four

Episode Twenty-Five

Episode Twenty-six