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Episode Eighteen
The Scoundrel is Swept Away

Roy Glenn is pulled from Nightmare team.  He realizes that he is about to be disposed of.

Canal has changed ship's ID so they can go get supplies and some more missiles.  Kain wonders what Rail and Gazer Corp. have to do with the lost ship.  Milly reacts to Gazer Corp. reference and seems perturbed.

While Milly is shopping she decides to use her secret bank account.  This tips off port that they are there and alarms go off all over the place.  Millly is almost caught but Kain comes to the rescue.  UG finds them, Kain decides not to fight them as they are only doing their job and asks Canal to run.  Which she does.

Roy Glenn tries to run but is stopped by Kali who brings him to Stargazer and Darkseeder.

Kain tells Milly and Canal not to celebrate as they haven't been winning much.

Roy Glenn is ridiculed by Darkseeder and Stargazer.  They then tell him he is on his last project and dump him into a pit.  Tubes attach themselves to him and he becomes part of Darkstar.

Swordbreaker comes out of warp in stealth mode.  Milly makes a really big meal for Kain.  When Canal makes a comment about Milly wanting something she just smiles and responds with "Don't we all"

Nightmare ships discover them and get a weapons lock.  One shot from the plasma cannon and all gone.

Kain asks Milly if she thinks he's cool, Milly says yes.

Golun Nova shows up (nightmare's Lost ship)  

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