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Episode Nineteen
Darkness Lurks

Golun Nova and Swordbreaker face off.  Kain uses psycho blaster which has no effect.  Kain feels Dark feeder and is scared.  He has a flashback to the last time they faced off.  Golun Nova is distorting space so the blasts won't hit.  As the battle progresses Kain really flips out.  Then Darkseeder pulls Kain into a psychic link. (I really, really hate poor Kain's VA)

Canal scans Kain's mind, he has almost no psychic energy left and he's being drained further.  She realizes that this was the purpose of the other ships.

In the psychic world, Kain is being attacked by blobs which are drawing even more energy from him.  As Swordbreaker loses power and takes mega damage Kain continues to fight.

Darkseeder talks to Kain and gives Kain the embrace darkness or die spiel complete with symbolic cup.  Kain being the hero of the story refuses.  Just as Darkseeder decides to kill Kain Canal shows up, she grabs Kain and tell Golun Nova to let Kain go.  Golun Nova refuses, telling Canal that it is not his decision and that it is already decided.  Canal tells Milly to shoot the rail gun which she uses to jump out into hyperspace.

Golun Nova tells Darkseeder not to worry, with that type of transition they will die.

As Swordbreaker leaves hyper space the ship is badly damaged but Kain and Canal are back to themselves.  As they start repairing the damage, Kain is discouraged but Canal tells him at least they will be together.  Kain goes over the probability of dying with Milly who brushes him off saying that they will persevere with good food.

Swordbreaker goes to a secret base where Kain and Canal leave Milly behind so she won't die with the two of them.

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