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Episode Seventeen
This episode begins with a city being evacuated because of a bomb threat, however, the real reason is because a lost ship has been found.  Gaza Corp(front for nightmare) reps show up at the area showing proof that they have been requested by the Universal Guardians to look into the ruins.

Neena is informed by UG HQ that Lt Rail is a deserter and had been a spy for Nightmare, and is asked for any information she might have.

Canal and Kain show up to investigate the lost ship rumours.  Kain goes to check it out over Canal's protests.  Milly decides she might as well go along and get some groceries done at the same time.  Kain deserts her to check out the sight at the market.

Gaza Corp. is accompanied by Kali who discovers Kain spying on the escavation.  They fight destroying the power lines.  Little did they know Rail was there.  Rail took advantage of the lack of lighting to sneak into the lost ship.

Meanwhile  Neena searches Rail's office presumably to prove his innocence.  She is very confused by what is going on.

Kain and Kali continue to fight.

Rail activates ship.  Canal feels the lost ship awakening and warns Kain.

Kain and Kali continue to fight.

Rail realizes that he really is in a lost ship.  The lost ship lifts off destroying the building.

Kain and Kali continue to fight.
Milly shows up to get Kain out of there.  Kali is told by Darkseeder to break off the fight.

"Ragadon", the lost ship Rail is on and Canal recognize each other.  Kain and Canal attack "Ragadon" but the attack fails.  Rail talks to Kain but the UGs show up.  The UG ships are destroyed.  Canal makes comment that Nightmare now has three lost ships but Kain thinks that Rail is on his own.

Kain, Milly and Canal are charged with treason.

Neena is confused but she decides that she still trusts her Lt. Rail.

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