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Episode Ten
Pirates are looting away when they spot Swordbreaker.

Milly and Kain are sitting in a hotel talking about what to do for the three days until their contract starts.  Canal contacts them to tell them that the contract had been moved up to tomorrow.  Kain and Milly are not impressed. As they also find out that the reason the timing was moved up was to accommodate a Universal Guardian escort

Milly and Kain find a restaurant (Canal must be happy they're eating out;) They order. A strange man tries to convince Milly to leave Kain and to sit with him and his friends.  The man turns out to be Kainís friend Jess.  They string Milly along but pretending not to know each other and acting as if they really are going to fight.

Jess is there for the same reason as Kain and gang, guarding a merchant convoy.  They start drinking.  Kain wakes up with a major hangover and is almost late getting back to Swordbreaker.  They take off.  Jess calls them Kain and Jess had switched ships to guard after a lost bet.  They bet again on who is done first.

Rail calls and gives them information on the pirates, the pirates are only targeting one company.  Neena comes in with Rail's tea which she spills on him.  She then wipes the control panel shorting out Rails comms.

Canal spots as unknown ship.  It's a pirates who are flying a cargo ship belonging to the company they're protecting.  . Elsewhere, Jess is attacked as well. They fight, lots and lots of fighting.  Jess then sends a message to tell them the shots are coming from outside scanner range.  Really sad goodbye scene.

Kain talks to the owner of the company that hired them.  He is attacked by another girl who  accuses him of being responsible for Jessís death.

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