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Episode Two
Flying Goddess

The episode begins with Stargazer launching an unmanned experimental ship,  The ship goes out of control while the control booth personnel are patting themselves on the back.

We then find Canal shopping for weapons ammunition.  She then gets Kain to haul it back (she spent it on ammo and didn't save any money for delivery.  As they walk back we see the “Greatest Cook in the Universe” (see a trend yet) being fired from a cooking job for blowing up the kitchen.

Kain recognizes Milly and starts to talk to her, they get her story (she's been fired from the detective agency as well)  Canal wants to know if she's been stalking Kain.

Canal gets a message that Rail has called.   Canal and Kain hurry back to find out that they are wanted to catch the run away ship.  The Guardians’ can't go after it because they are all away for Space Pirate Control Month.  We also spot Neena for the first time as she delivers tea and spills it on Rail. (Yeah Neena! Rail is coming across as pretty obnoxious at this point)

Swordbreaker leaves and Milly pops out of the woodwork.  She stills blames them for her lost job at the detective agency and wants a lift home.  Milly finally figures out that she is not in the safest place at the moment as they catch up to the runaway ship.  Milly also realizes that Swordbreaker is not an ordinary ship as Kain explains that Canal is the AI.

The runaway ship can't be destroyed with a bomb as the gravity reactor which would blow up the nearby planet.  Kain decides to go in to manually change course.  This is followed by lots of suspenseful action.  Kain turns off the system and  Milly proves herself to be the “Greatest Shot in the Universe”.  She is actually a pretty  impressive shot.

 Milly then says “Now then, I think you guys have some explaining to do. Its Movement... Power... Manual Control System... Weapons... and Reaper Rail Gun?  I can't believe you could punch a hole right through an asteroid. The Sword Breaker is a Lost Ship, isn't it? Yes, it is definitely a Lost Ship... legendary relics from a mysterious ancient super civilization...  I thought they only existed in fairy tales...”

Kain admits that Swordbreaker is a lost ship that he inherited from his grandmother.  He offers to bring Milly home and she refuses. Saying “No, you don't have to. I've decided to stay right here. I've decided that you're responsible for my unemployment. I don't think you can just drop me off since I found out your secret, do you. Then you'll just become my Greatest Partners in the Universe... Let's be a good team, Kain... Canal.”

Stargazer recognizes Swordbreaker.

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