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Episode Three

The episode begins with two things happening, an unknown ship approaching and an explosion in the ship.  The explosion of course was the world's greatest cook Milly. (She always explodes the kitchen but everything she cooks is fantastic. O.o)

The ship carries Rail with a job offer.  He wants the Swordbreaker to transport a witness to a trial.  After Kain gets him to admit that there are 50 000 gang members after the witness they refuse, however rail gets the last laugh as Milly has already signed the contract.  Rail being the sweet generous guy he is holds them to it. I must admit at this point I'm starting to like Rail, sneaky, a sense of humour, good looks and a uniform ^_^;  I hate Kain's VA in the dub though.

Without telling Milly, Canal pretends to be the witness (hologram /form changing).  They set up an ambush for the bad guys, great fight scene.  Milly finds out she's been fooled and Rail flies the witness in by himself.

Milly celebrates by cooking up a big meal and destroys the newly fixed kitchen.

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