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Episode Six

 Kain and Canal are playing chess.  Kain is losing badly.  Milly makes a comment about only playing the computer, which Canal really doesn't like. She reacts by setting the gravity at 4.5 Gravity's.

They get another contract to find a man named Bobby from Larsen, who say's he owes Bobby something and wants to pay before he (Larsen) dies.  Bobby James is an archaeologist on planet Gambit.  Canal challenges Milly and Kain to a contest to see who can find  Bobby first.   Canal is pretty fuzzy on the planet due to solar flares causing interference.

They search the town and make little progress.  Milly and Kain are attacked by sniper fire.

Canal is not having any luck either until she decides to hack into the Universal Control Computer.  Bingo. She finds his address.

Milly and Kain meanwhile have been pinned down by sniper fire.  The attackers are very professional and Kain realizes that they must be with Nightmare.  Kain gets out of hiding and challenges them.  The bad guys run off. Psy blades will do that.  Milly makes the comment that she is the Greatest backup in the Universe as she had done some good work with her pistol.  The guy she had shot (with a plastic bullet) was then questioned.  He was sent to scare them by nightmare.  The bad guy dies as he was about to say more.  Let me say that it wasn't the bullet that did him in.  (post hypnotic suggestion type thingy)  Kain makes the comment that his least favourite chess strategy is pawn sacrifice.

Bad Guy leader realizes that if Kain is around so must Canal.  He doesn't realize that Canal is a hologram.
Canal has just found Bobby, well what's left of Bobby as Hess sitting dead in a chair.

Canal reads Bobby's diary and finds out that he had fled nightmare after he discovered that they were escavating a lost ship.  She then looks at  the chess board and says “Alice... It's been a long time. I never thought I'd see you in a place like this...”

Bad Guy boss shows up with his henchmen and attacks Canal identifying themselves as part of Nightmare.They then realize that Canal is a hologram and that's she's holding a data disk that she had found with Bobby.

The magnetic storm gets worse and Canal fades in and out.  She flees.

Just as Canal is about to give up (she can't hold on to the data disk if she completely fades away) a relay antenna booster shows up. It's Kain and Milly to the rescue.  They try to question the leader of the bad boy pack and when he tries to answer you've got it he drops dead, screaming about demons of the galaxy.

Stargazer comes on and talks about their time coming to an end.

The last scene shows them talking to Larsen (the old guy that hired them)  The disk contained the next chess move in their game.  Larsen makes a comment about Bobby’s reckless style. Milly realizes that it is the same move that Canal had made.  Larsen tell them that Bobby had learned chess from a girl named Alice.  Bum de Bum bum.

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