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Episode Five

Okay folks, this is a filler episode, it is hilarious but it does nothing to advance the plot. But it does promote WAFF (warm and fuzzy feelings) and the sacred duty of all Kanzaka stories, get the male lead into a dress at least once per season ^_^.

A nursing school director contacts Canal with a contract offer. She wants to have them look into a string of accidents which seem to be caused by sabotage. The nursing school is located on a space ship.  Canal and Milly take on the investigation as it is an all girl school. But guess what Canal has an accident while installing her new software and well you have to se the effect but believe me you wouldn't leave the ship either.  So Kain is sent as a replacement. (He is so cute as a girl) (by the way have I said I hate Kain's Dub VA yet)  

Milly and Kain go to the Nursing school ship and are introduced as the new dietitians. They find out that there are two teams of students who have compete during the final exam.  These two groups are very competitive.

Then disaster, Milly sneezes in front of the students, she may not survive the intensive care the patient starved student nurses start to give her.  

Kain finds out that the two girls who lead each of the two groups were best of friends prior to the exam/competition.  The director wimps out and nominates Kain or “Francoise” as the judge for the exam.  Milly remains under intensive care, no matter how hard she tries to escape.

Trying to win the girls set up various booby traps, there are a bunch of real injuries, the two former friends have to cooperage.  They rediscover that friendship is the most important thing.
 (Let's go Awwww)

They then tell Kain that he is the model of all they want to be as women and as nurses.  Snicker, It may be a filler episode but this one is funny.

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