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Episode Seven
This is another filler episode, the main purpose of this segment seems to be the development of the Neena Sweetwater character.

Milly, Kain and Canal arrive at Planet chicken.  They have to land the Swordbreaker due to local regulations about orbital parking.  They are waiting for Rail to show up and give them information about their next job however instead Neena shows up.  This is her first assignment since she joined Universal Guardians.  Accompanying her is a strange looking man wearing a hat with three horns, he is the Minister they are supposed to be guarding.  Neena is also the only one who can understand him even Canal doesn't have his language on file O.o

There is a problem though, the Minister refuses to embarque on Swordbreaker unless three horns are installed (religious thing).  Canal takes offense and refuses.  Arrangements are made to go commercial.

Kain Canal and Milly are put in third class while Neena goes in first class with the minister.  More problems occur at the gate. Kain is not allowed to wear his cape (snicker) as it is against local customs.  They also have to turn Kain's psy blade and Milly’s gun over to Neena.

Neena shorts out the gate (she really tends to fry any electronics around her - just her special little gift.)

There is a very large attendant who is intimidating Kain every time he starts whining.  She stops him from going to check on his psy blade.

Milly takes a peek at first class and is jealous of the treatment first class gets.  A man tells her that chickens are worshipped on the planet. The second most important thing after the horns.  They have big problems such as racial confrontation, antigovernment campaigns... kidnappings, terrorism, and economic depression.
The airplane is then hijacked by the chicken men, who want to take the minister hostage so that they can demand the end to horn worship and replace it with chicken worship.

They get Canal to change into a chicken suit so that she can pretend to be a hijacker and get their weapons.  While trying to get the key for Neena's bag (the one holding the weapons) Canal is challenged.  She convinces the hijackers she is one of them and gets the weapons back to Milly and Kaine.

Lots of fighting
Neena fries electronics and saves the day.  However the minister is angry because they broke his horn.  Neena touches Canal and sends her off-line just before Canal looses her temper big time (this was an accident)

Neena is very distraught and tries to apologize to an absent Canal.

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