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Otherwise known as the serious bits

Theme Music for LU
An MP3 file to down load,

Parents and Anime
A short essay

Rumiko Takahashi
An autobiography of one the most popular manga artists.

Megumi Hayashibara
Lina's &Canal's VA in the japanese versions of our favorite anime

Lisa Ortiz
Lina's Voice in Slayers, love or hate her her resume is here^_^

Voice Actor List - Slayers
Who does who's voice I'm tring to get all three seasons of slayers

Lost Universe English VA's
I'll add on the Japanese VAs when I find them

Fanfic/Fanart Submission Guidelines
SThis is pretty self-explanatory

Lost universe Opening Song
This is a translation of the Lost Universe opening song sung by Megumi  Hayashibara

Lost Universe End Song
again pretty self explanatory

Clip Gallery  
Some little bits and pieces, scans and pictures.  There isn't much mostly lost universe.  Most of the Slayers galleries have a lot more but there isn't much out there for LU.

Manga Scan/trans Sites

LU Mp3

This will bring you to the DoGa website where there is a variety of video files
of th CG used for the ship fight scenes.