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Fanfic Contest Winners
Hi, this contest was definitely hard to judge, there were not that many submissions, however the fics submitted were very good so it averages out.  There were no submissions for the Lost Universe Long fic section so that one can remain blank for now.  Next time ^_^.  Actually, I'm thinking of a second contest the Ranma contests have made for an interesting variety of stories, maybe a weirdest crossover contest.

Slayers Long Fic Winner
Inner Child
by Amelia Corrigan
Chapters 1-3   Chapter 4-6   Chapter 7-9  Chapter 10-12  Chapters 13-15  Chapter 16-18
This was a hard choice, all the submissions were good but Amelia had two excellent long fic submissions.  This one won with originality points ^_^
Slayers Short Fic Winner
And Then There were None
by Ryokko
This one is well written and very dark. The
Slayers Funny Fic Winner
Deja Vu
by Lisse
This fic was actually a short however the gentle humour
 in the situations made for a sweet little comedy.

Lost Universe Long Fic Winner

no eountries

Lost Universe Short Fic Winner

Lost Universe: An End?
By ACJ Leveille

Lost Universe Funny Fic Winner

Kane's Cloak Dilemma
By ACJ Leveille