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Rumiko Takahashi

Born in 1957 in Niigata Japan, Rumiko Takahashi attended women's college in Tokyo.  It was there that she began studying comics with the author of  Crying Freeman , Kazuo Koiko.  In 1978 she won a prize in Shogakukan’s annual “New Comic Artist Contest”, that same year also saw beginning of the publication of Lum *Urusei Yatsura In the SHONEN SUNDAY.  Lum ran for nine years and sold over 22 million copies.  Her later series Ranma 1/2 was even more popular.

Considered by many to be the worlds most popular manga atrists, her total sales passed one hundred million copies with the publication of Ranma 1/2 vol 34.  Her newest series Inu-Yasha has been animated and began showing on Tokyo TV  Nov 2000.

Takahashi’s serial titles include:

Lum*Urusei Yatsura
One Pound Gospel
Maison Ikkoku

Short Stories include:

Rumic Theater stories
Mermaids Forest
Mermaids’s Scar
Mermaid’s Gaze
Mermaid's Mask

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