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Lost universe Opening Song


  Making a wish on a twinkling meteor,
    you mumble three times. With a cool eye,
    you talk of childish memories.
    If you quit, I will not be able to hold on to your life

Get back
  Once more, you sleep within the depths of your heart.
    On that day, release your wish into time and space.

Incoherent sounds are only vacant words.
    Walk to the end
    of the guidepost that is only in your heart.
    It is infinite within,
    like a repeating legend.
    Let's go past it, let's go paint and change you.
   Do your best for your sake anytime

    Destiny is like the flip of a COIN.
    Cut off the hesitation. It isn't bad.
    It is important not to see accidents.
    Anyone alive does not possess you.

    Get lost
    He is hurried, being chased by a wave of time.
    He is lost in his heart, and time goes on.

Do not regret trying to stall
he end that advances.
A new road is made for you, and I am only in your sight.
It is sad, but you can only gain tomorrow by admitting defeat.
Let's fall badly, let's fall well.
You can have your way in everything