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Fanfic/Fanart Submission Guidelines

Content - Anime related preferably Slayer, Lost Universe but if it is good who cares ^.^  Lime is Okay, but I really don't want out and out lemons.  

Format - Plain Text files are the easiest for me to handle.

Editing - I will be going over each fic and if changes are needed I will discuss them.  I promise not to post the stories until any changes are approved by the author and we have discussed them.  It is the authors fic not mine.  That being said I do expect that the stories have been at least spell checked first.

Note - This could be a touchy subject but I'd prefer to have fics that are not already hosted on a dozen websites.  If you have your own website and an ongoing fic that is one thing. I'm willing to put a direct link to your website and be a chapter behind (I do that with the, but there is nothing worse than finding the same stories at every website that you go to. (I cruise a lot for new fics)  I'm willing to discuss it though, I am pretty easy going.

If the above is acceptable to you or if you have more questions just e-mail me.


Pretty easy take a look at my page, I'd prefer to post one picture per artist and redirect to your webpage.  Think of it as a mega link page ^.^

Pictures should be Slayers or Lost Universe related but if they're really good talk to me.  If I ever get any artwork that directly relates to my stories, I'll put them directly on the chapter they relate to.

Again no Hentai or Ecchi pics.

if the above is agreeable or you have any questions just email me.

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