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       The war of the Monster and Dragons had raged for years. For generations upon generations the war was burned into the memory of the humans that lived then. They lived as best they could trying to stay unnoticed by either side.  A few brave souls would try to hinder the monsters as well as they could with their meager powers. Others tried to learn to fight fire with fire.

       Magic was being studied. Rapidly any knowledge that could be used was and more was always being gathered. White Magic was the primary study, anything that could hurt the monsters. Black Magic was frowned on, and shunned but a few did choose to use it. They studied the Monster Lords and their unique powers. From that powerful spells of black magic were created. Many died from casting them unable to control the energy that was called down.

       The Monsters were aware that humans had started to call on their power for themselves. They delighted in this and so began the slow process of corruption of the human race. They would find the black mages and eventually bind them or kill them. The spells that had created by the mages would be destroyed, forever lost to world. One such monster who was better than any
at his work was Xellos.

       Xellos was known for his power and his charm. No one was stronger than him. His pleasant personality was something that would throw humans off. He was not impressive in his human guise, and he liked being under-estimated.  He also used this guise when he did what he was best at. Destroying the enemy, Dragons. Today would be no different.

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