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Chapter Six
          Morning came and with it the sun, Aira moaned pulling the cover over her head as she tried to go back to sleep, but it was no use . She yawned and streched looking about the richly decorated walls and ceiling. She could get used to this, she thought to herself. Rising slowly she remembered her new position as the old man's assistant.

          "Now he said there would be clothes in here that would probably fit me." She told to herself as she opened the wardrobe She then gasped at all the clothes. She couldn't believe all different styles of dresses that hung in it. "Dresses..." She sighed unable to find a single pair of pants. Resigned to the horrible fate of having to wear a dress, she picked out a simple one of a deep blue color. Stripping off her night gown she threw it into a pile on the bed while looking the dress over.

          Morning Aria! Beautiful day isn't it!" Xellos phased in right behind her, with a smile that said he was all to pleased with himself.

          Aria nearly jumped out of skin and didn't bother to hold back the scream that came out of her. Whirling, she glared at Xellos and started cursing at him in every language she knew and a few she didn't. "Get out you pervert! I'm trying to dress here! Damn it can't you give me some privacy! OUT! NOW!*" Aria went through the motions of spell casting to blow that smile right of Xellos's face, only to suceed in making him laugh when nothing happened.

          "Ahh, that was a wonderful breakfast." Phasing out he left her to put on something other than her birthday suit.

          Aitrus outside her door chuckled to himself. "Well this next year shall be an interesting one, I think."


          After breakfast was over and she was subjected to be the object of laughter from the old man because the incedent with Xellos earlier, Aria was in a  bad mood. "Okay I was wrong, I could definitly not get used to this." She was doing the morning dishes, one of the many bits of drudgework assigned to her, all the while muttering and fuming about being treated like a common house girl. After the last dish, she decided to chop wood thinking that applying a little brute force might make her feel better even if she was hitting the wrong target.

          The wood pile was small, unorganized and snake heaven. She felt her mood grow darker. Walking around to the chopping block, she picked up the axe and began. Ten minutes later and five pieces of wood, Aria was pooped. Sighing, she reached for another piece when suddenly a small hand axe flew past her head and into the wood pile beside her. Aria, for the second time in as many hours,screamed.

          Aitrus was in the study going over some notes when again he heard her scream. Running as fast as his old body let him, he  hurried  out the back door and found Aria threating to club a tall sandy haired man. The man was trying to explain something and duck at the the same time as Aria swung at him again. "Oh life is going to much, much more interesting now." He observed.

          "What in the ever loving world are you doing?! You nearly hit me! For that matter who are you?!" Aria had backed the man againt a tree, her weapon raised.

          "I was saving your life! You nearly reached for a viper! Some thanks! Now put down the log I'm not your enemy!" Green eyes sparkled with surprise and shock at the firery temper of the woman.

          "Children play nice. I'm trying to work here." Atrius had come up unnoticed. "Aria I would like you to meet Gilford Grey, Gilford Grey I would like you to me my new assistand Aria." He watched them look at each other. Aria full of distrust and unsure about this Gilford person. Gilford excited and captivated by Aria. "Gil comes around once a week and does things like chop wood and other outside chores that old age prevents me from doing. Aria I want you to help him now when he comes around. Ah no buts Aria, it won't be so bad." Chuckling he went back inside, leaving the two young people alone.

          Gilford looked straight into Aria's eyes and used all his charm. "So come here often?"

          Aria just stood there turning red, praying that a miracle would happen and her magic suddenly return and of course nothing happened. "Lets just get this over with." Turning she went back to her wood cutting, while Golford left to get a push cart.

          Aria was still fuming about how life had  decided to name her it's court jester when it dubbed her the world's biggest fool. She felt the area next to shift and Xellos appear. "Not a singe word. Not one!"

          "Why Aria I'm hurt! I'm just here to see if your doing ok?" Xellos fell to the ground in mock hurt.

          "No I'm not ok! I have no magic, I'm surrounded by people who don't fear me. I can't blow anything up or even make a decent threat now! I'm..I'm.." She was on the verge of shaking she was so frustrated.

          "Your human and ordinary. Aria be aware of what Hell Master said. He  has already begun his attacks on different towns. Some close to here. At any cost make sure you survive. I can come and talk to you, they have not forbid me that but I can not do anything to help you if you get into trouble." He held her soul locking in the intensity of his gaze.

          Gilford came around the house to see Aria shake her head screaming at a purple haired man about how she should be killed not the innocent people. Striking the man across the face she turned and fled into the woods. The purple haired man turned and looked directly at Gilford."Go after her, keep her safe. I will destroy your entire village if you fail." Gilford wasn't sure what chilled him worst, the threat and the fact the man disappeared into thin air or the look in his eyes. Cold and dark. He would have to think about it later, he decided as he took of running after Aria.

          Xellos sat there on a branch worried about his only servant. She was valuable and he didn't want her to be killed too soon. The boy, he decided would be good for her, so would the old man would not kill them yet. At least that was what he was trying to convince himself. Something just didn't feel right with him  and he couldn't find an answer to what it was.  


          Aria had run till her chest hurt, she didn't care about where she was going. She was just so mad at everything, including  herself. She leaned her head against a tree, letting tears fall that she had kept pushed back. She felt so helpless, so useless. She felt like she did after her first assignement. Banging her head against the tree lightly she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her, turning her to lean against the person. Reflex more than anything caused her shove him away from her. Black eyes flashed with anger as she dared him to get near her again. "Go away! Leave me alone!"

          "Aria what is the matter? Who was that man? What did he say to you to upset you?" Gilford looked at the woman infront of him, he had just met her but something about her made him want to protect her. She was full of strength and life, yet there was a softness there too. She was strange and wild, something he had never seen in the women of the village. What the stranger had said didn't matter anymore.

          "Don't you get it. I'm just Aria, no last name, no family, nothing. I am Death's Aria. That was the name given to me by the strongest Dark Lord serving,  Shabernigdo. This is my punishment for a crime that I committed against my Masters!" She saw the confusion on his face. She would not explain more, just give him the simple cold truth. "If I stay here, everyone will die. All of the human race is being punished because of me. I will bring death to this village if I stay."

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