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Heart's Litany
By Shadow Dancer

AN: This is from Milgazia's point of view. I'm not sure if it should be called a poem or a line of thought, because it is sort of both....
Heart's Litany
Sun upon my skin,

Shine bright and give me warmth.
Wind that blows,
Give me breath and flight.
Water that flows
Quench my thirst.
Strength of my ancestors
Burn in my soul, help me remember
The lessons of the past
That Died with You
A thousand thousand sunsets ago.

Revenge, let your desire
Warm my blood and cool my mind.
Give me the strength to destroy the darkness.
Reason preserve me,
Keep my thoughts from the siren call of madness
Which lurks at the pit of my spirit.

Life, whisper your song into my ear,
Remind me why I should live
And not sink into Death's mindless sleep.

Love, quicken my heart
Remind me of reasons to live,
Seen in the sparkle
Of your ruby eyes.
Let me protect you.

Eyes, golden-hued but unshining,
Let me gaze upon her purest imperfections
Fiery vitality sear me with inspiration
Grant me the courage to fight for you.

O heart
Beat strongly in my breast
Lie no longer like stone, so cold and uncaring
Let Emotion tangle you like cat-yarn
Spun to bind me for all eternity
To the frail vision of power
Whose beauty is as the uncarved gemstone
Full of potential yet unrealized.

Crimson diamonds flash your challenge
Dare me to greater heights
Dare me to soar the skies till my breath falters
Dare me to gaze down upon the earth
Dare me to defend it all.
And as I plummet I scream
My promise to protect and honor you
It is a vow that does not shackle me
Rather your courage, your daring,
Has set me free at last

Fearlessly do I face the unknown
Knowing that your spirit and memory shall ever guide me
Ghostly angel of fire
Who stole from me a treasure I did not know to possess
Now gladly surrender.

The gift you gave to me in return
Is more precious to me than gold or gems
Healing me with your stinging tongue
Whose sharp whip I long for
Locked behind soft rose-petal lips
Thank you for the brief time we spent together.

The hunt calls me.
Death walks beside me where you should be
My spirit goes to you, where you are
Let me draw upon your courage
My shield and sword against the darkness I will face.

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