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Chapter Three

          Amelia stumbled over her chair, falling hard to the floor as Gourry stood quickly pushing her roughly away. Rage danced in his blue eyes making them seem colder than ice. Zelgadis put himself between Amelia and Gourry. No one dared to breath, dared to move. Gourry finally turned leaving the room.

          "Are you alright Amelia?" Zelgadis kneeled down beside her, looking at her with concern. She was pale and trembling, he didn't think she was hurt physically. Reaching out he touched her shoulder gently. "Amelia?"

          "What have I done Mr... Zelgadis? He is going to leave and never come back. What have I done?" Taking Zelgadis's hand she pulled herself up, standing there she stared at the doors Gourry had just left through."I have to go and stop him, I have to convince him to stay. We lost him once, Lina lost him...I won't fail Lina, not again." Looking to Zelgadis she swallowed her own pain leaving to go find Gourry.

          Zelgadis shook his head before going after Amelia, he wouldn't have worried any other time about her but now he did. Amelia was upset and Gourry had shoved her away in a barely controlled rage. Zelgadis was concerned about what Gourry would do if Amelia continued to pressure him.


          Gourry slammed the door to his room shut, he was furious. He knew he should have never come back here. He felt this was a mistake, the moment he crossed Saillune's borders. They kept pressuring him to go back to Zephilia, to go back to her. He began to put his armor on, intent on leaving. His hand clenched into a fist as someone knocked on his door.

          "Mr.. Gourry, please let me in. I want to apologize for my actions. Please don't leave." Amelia stood trembling out side his door, she wasn't sure if he would talk to her. She looked to Zelgadis who stood near her. She took strength in his presence as the door to Gourry's room opened.

          "Amelia, please get out of my way. I just want to leave now." Gourry looked down on the princess and something deep inside him began to change. She looked so much like a little kid, like when she first came to be a member of their group.

          Taking a breath she found her voice and willed it not to shake. She looking at Gourry and she drew back letting her hand find his face. "Mr.. Gourry how can you? How can you turn your back on us again? It's not your fault. It never was. Nothing you could have done would have stopped him Mr.. Gourry!" Amelia felt it, she was going to start crying and she couldn't stop it. All her anger and hurt began to surface. "Mr.. Gourry we all hurt, we all wish we could go back and change time, but we can't. Please come with Zelgadis and I to see Lina. She needs you again.In some ways you hurt her more than did!" Ignoring the tears that slide down her face, ignoring the cold rage that burned in Gourry's eyes, she stood there and made him listen to her.

          His voice rose to barely a whisper, but it was loud enough to echo the feeling he had at that moment. "Amelia because you are a princess and my friend I am going to ignore what you just did. You know I will not go back, not until I destroy the one that hurt her. I may not have been able to save her that day, but he will come back eventually and I am going to make sure he never gets another chance to to harm her.  You can tell her that I am still out there  and that she is never far from my thoughts. Now Amelia you can either move out of my way on your own or I will move you myself."

          "Gourry maybe I can convince you to go with us. I thought it best not to say anything to you just now, but it seems I must. Lina has been attacked twice in the last four months. She resides at the local magic school where she has decided to teach some. It also is the safest place for her, in her condition. These attacks were strong, people were killed each time, but Lina escaped harm.It was Amelia's request that I come with her to see Lina and it was her idea for me to stay with Lina as her protector." Zelgadis felt a small victory as he watched Gourry's emotions reflect in his eyes. "Now then Gourry you can join me as a second protector or you can chase ghosts from the past."

          "My what do we have here? It seems I came at just the right time. Talking about Lina were we? I must say last time I saw her she was..Well she was almost dead!" Laughter filled the air as everyone turned to face the very person they had hoped to never see again.

          Gourry's voice reflected everyone's feelings of hate for the person they all were betrayed by. "Xellos.."

          He who had been the end to their perfect life of fun and adventures stood before them. He had been their friend, a fellow fighter. He helped them save the world against Darkstar, led them to the Clair Bible. He had been true to his nature. He was a mazoku and it was their faults for not remembering it. He was Xellos and now he was the enemy.

          "Why are you here Xellos?" Zelgadis held a spell ready to throw at Xellos. The familiar feeling of hate and loathing crept back over him.

          "Ohh my. Is that any way to greet me? I merely come here with a message." Xellos could feel the emotions flaring in the humans he faced. Deep rivers of hate ran from everyone and Xellos was feasting.

          "Tell us what your here for Xellos and then leave!" Amelia stood next to Zelgadis, her hands mimicking his as she too held a spell.

          "Hmmmm. Well it seems with Lina Inverse no longer a threat to anyone the order to kill her has been lifted. So the Mazoku no longer have a reason to hunt her, but I have been given the privilege of killing her if I want." Phasing out of the path that the Sword of Light was on, Xellos came back behind Gourry ramming his staff into his back sending the warrior crashing to the floor. "I plan on taking that revenge, but I am going to have fun first. You had best get to Lina before anything else does!" His laughter hung in the air after he

          Picking himself up Gourry cursed while putting away his sword. Without a word he began to walk away. He was beyond anger, beyond hate. All he wanted was to kill Xellos and now because he had failed to find him before, she was endanger again. It took Zelgadis's stone grip on his shoulder to make him even realize that they were talking to him, so consumed in his own thoughts was he.

          "Gourry where and what are you going to do?" Zelgadis was just as upset, but was more level headed then his blond friend. He knew, he felt this fear rise in him seeing Xellos again. He knew they all shared it. It was the nightmare they all feared reborn.

          "I am going to Zephilia, I am going to make sure Lina isn't hurt again. I am going to avenge her."

          "Then can you give us a couple hours Mr.. Gourry and we will come with you. Lina is our friend too. Please wait and we can all make this trip together." Amelia came to stand on the other side of Gourry, she was shaking slightly but her voice was strong with hope and relief.

          He didn't want to wait, he wanted to go to Zephilia as soon as he could start but he knew deep down they all felt the guilt and weight of that day in their hearts. "Yes Amelia I can wait an hour but only an hour. I will leave without you if your not ready by then."

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