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Chapter 12
          Zelgadis began casting spells the moment Lina screamed. Gourry shook her in a futile effort to wake her. Something had just happened and Lina Inverse was laying there dead. Zelgadis wasn't about to lose her, stopping the spell, he clenched his fist and began to bring it down on her chest. Finally after what seemed to be an eternity Lina showed some sign of life, a small breath  escaping her lips her as Zelgadis brought his hand down, accompained by the sound of a rib breaking. Without thinking Zelgadis began to cast the Recovery spell.

          Gourry stood back and let Zelgadis work, he knew from years of traveling with the shaman that Zelgadis could do more good then he could. He let out his own breath seeing Lina breathing again. He stayed beside her till Zelgadis slumped to the ground. Gourry saw how shaken the man was. "Zelgadis?"

          Lifting his eyes to Gourry, Zel just nodded his head "She's alive for now, but I don't know when she is going to wake up." Rising slowly, he looked around as Gourry once more picked up the girl. No more was said till they reached the house. Once inside Zelgadis stood by as Gourry put Lina to bed, she still hadn't stirred. "Stay with her Gourry. Talk to her, let her know you're there. I'm going to wait for Amelia and the others to return."

          Hours passed and Zelgadis sat in deep meditation trying to figure out what had happened, he was aware of someone entering the house and slowly brought himself out of it. Opening his eyes he saw Amelia staring at him in worry. She was wearing  a formal dress, one that was appropriate for meeting with a queen. Standing slowly he stretched out, having become stiff from sitting in the middle of the living room. "Gourry is sitting with Lina, something happened and we nearly lost her today."

          "Oh no, is everyone else alright?" She looked down, her eyes filled with worry and stress. She was quiet and subdued, not the Amelia, Zelgadis knew.

          "Everyone else is fine as far as we know." Walking down the hall he filled her in on what had occured. Stopping in the door way, they watched Gourry sitting there. "He hasn't stopped talking to her, he started with the moment they met. Gourry knows more than he ever let on." They stood there listening to him.

          He studdied the small hand held in his large one, wondering how something, someone so small could have had so much power. He had retold so much of their history together, his voice was becoming raw, but he kept on talking to Lina. "I remember in the middle of the attack from Xellos, when I thought he was going to kill us all how I felt. I was scared, angry, lost. You were gone and I didn't know what to do."

          "Zelgadis had his purpose to live, he had Amelia to protect, but you weren't there for me to protect. I was ready to give up and die. Then I saw you. You were so fragile looking, hurt and blood covering your body. I couldn't save you, I know now that we all did as much as we could that day, but even now I feel like it wasn't enough."

          "You were struggling to rise, your eyes held a dangerous gaze in them. You called out to Xellos, the spell ripping from your hands. I never knew you could cast the Dragon Slave without the chaos words. The heat was intense as it ripped over us, Xellos screamed in pain as it tore through him. I felt hope begin to form."

          Gourry had to stop and take a breath. This was hard on him and he looked to Zelgadis and Amelia in a silent plea, begging to know if he was doing the right thing by talking to Lina about this. He continued after seeing them nod.

          "You walked as straight as you could toward Xellos, the chaos words hanging in the air as you spoke them, but something was wrong. The Demon's Blood talismans began to crack. I thoght Xellos has done it at first, then I could see the power flow around you. Every step the energy grew, streams of black and red flashed between your hands and then the golden energy came. I can still hear your voice as the wind created by the magic pulled and ripped at your words. It was the Ragna Blade, but if I hadn't known better I would have thought it to be the Giga Slave."

          "I didn't think so much power could be called on and contained, but you did it Lina. You looked to tiny in that void of magic. Xellos hadn't recovered enough to phase away and you attacked. The scream he made was so feral, it sounded like nothing I had ever heard before."

          "Lina you had suceeded, you defeated Xellos. That's all I remember till I woke up, you were laying beside me. Your hair was white and you were so pale. Your breathing was so shallow. I just held on to you, it was all I could do till help came in the form of the locals." Gourry went on to talk about the trip home.

          Zelgadis leaned against the wall listening to Gourry talk and a question that has always been nagging at him came to mind. "Gourry, how did you come to get the Sword of Light back?"

          Smiling some Gourry looked to Lina. "It was her doing. Without Lina Inverse, I would have never been born. I have ancestors from Mipross Island, one of them was named Rouddy Gabriev. He too wielded the Sword of Light, but he wasn't enough to beat a demon. Well time passed and our Lina Inverse came to the island with someone named Naga the White Serpent. Lina with Rouddy's help set the past right. Rouddy went on to live and marry."

          "I went there, after leaving here, and begged the elves there to help me. With their ancient magic I called apon the Over Worlders. It took a lot but you can see the end result." Holding up the sword he looked to Lina. "I owe her so much, and in so many ways."


          Lina felt her rage release in the form of a Dragon Slave in the astral plain. The very force was enough to break whatever hold Xellos had on her. She knew she was awake and was aware of a spell being cast on her. Thats when the pain hit her, she gasped feeling something come down on her body. She was so tired, she didn't have the strength to even whimper in pain, she slipped into a dreamless sleep.

          Slowly she was aware of the world again, her body felt like was made of stone as she lay there. She could hear Gourry talking to her and she listened. As Gourry finished  his stories, a tear slid from her closed eyes and she struggled to open them. Her voice was weak as it escaped her lips "Gourry"


          "So how did you cast a Dragon Slave in the astral plain?" Zelgadis leaned against the door way watching Lina, who was propped up in bed by a mountain of pillows along Gourry and Amelia on either side of her. She had woke up much to everyone's relief and was slowly regaining her strength.

          "I don't think it was an actual Dragon Slave. It was strange, there I could feel the energy as I summoned it, but not like a spell here. I was just so angry that I lashed out. I honestly don't know what happened to Xellos." She could feel Amelia just waiting to try and poke more soup in her mouth. Her mother was really wearing off on the princess.

          "It would be nice if you got him. I mean after what he did to those kids. It was inhuman!" Amelia was upset as everyone else.

          "Why Amelia, I'm not human. You seem to forget that." Everyone was suddenly alert at the sound of Xellos's voice. He never showed himself, only dropped a skull shaped broach covered in blood onto Lina's lap. "Your old companion was a lot of fun, I must say. The terror of her laughter alone could cause was a wonderful treat! Not that she laughed for long of course"

          Picking up the decoration, Lina could feel the tears begining to flow as the blood wet her hands. She had never cared for Naga that much but she was still a friend. "Naga.."

          "On one final note before I leave to pick out tomorrow night's victom, I have a secret I would like to share with you Lina Inverse and Princess Amelia." Xellos waited to see if there would be a reaction and when nothing but silence answered him, he laughed and continiued. "Naga never told you her real name for a reason Lina, you see she was the Crown Princess of Saillune, Gracia. My isn't it funny how you had ties the Saillune Royal Family all this time and never knew it."

          The only sound that came from the house later that night was that of a Princess mourning the sister she would never see again.......

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