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Ending Number 2
          Zelgadis and Amelia watched Gourry and Xellos fighting. They both knew Gourry would loose eventually. What more could he do? He was just a man with no magic, his only real weapon was  the Sword of Light.

          Zelgadis watched as Gourry stayed close to Xellos, never giving him time to cast another large spell like that Blast Bomb. He growled in frustration, slamming his fist into the ground. "Damn it! Gourry is tiring. Xellos can't phase in and out but he isn't tiring!" He stodd up preparing to cast the Ragna Blade again. "Amelia, help him to distract Xellos!"

          Amelia ran forward and threw everything she had into a single Ra Tilt, centered on Xellos. "RA TILT!"

          Xellos felt the spiritual magic around him, pulling at him. He felt something coming at him and moved to avoid it just as Zelgadis came down witha  Ragna Blade. Xellos never saw Gourry, he had been distracted by the others. He felt his physical body slamed into a stone wall, he could feel the Sword of Light tearing at him. His staff dropped from his hand. "How, how cane mere humans be so strong?!"

          "Simple Xellos. I have something to fight for. Someone to protect. Someone I love enough to give my life for." Gourry growled as he pushed the sword's blade deeper into the rock behind Xellos.

          Xellos screamed as Gourry began to draw energy into the Sword of Light.

          "Amelia! Help me! Cast the Dragon...."Gourry never finished his sentance as a blast of energy ripped through him. Falling to his knees, it was all he could do to kepp Xellos pinned.

          "If I am to die today, then I will take with me the most important person in Lina Inverse's life with me." Xellos sneered.

          "Darkness beyond twilight. Crimson beyond blood that flows. Buried in the stream of time is where your power grows." Amelia was in shock, it took Zelgadis yelling at her to get her to cast.

          "Heed thee wish is more


          Lina Inverse heard the spells, it was just one more thing that was making her more distraught. She knew Gourry was hurt, she could hear it in his voice. She could here the desperation in Zelgadis, an element foreign to him. She could hear the fear in Amelia. "Luna help them!"

          "I can not, you know this Lina. I'm sorry but I have done all that I can." Luna held her sister tight.

          "Damn it! It's not fair!" Lina screamed struggling to go towards the sounds of battle. She wanted to be with her friends. To die with Gourry. She screamed to the Lord of Nightmares inside her mind, inside her heart, begging with Her to let her friends live, to give her just one chance to help save the ones she loves. To save Gourry.

          At that moment, a prayer was answered.


          "Dragon Slave!" Both called the last words of their spell together.

          Amelia closed her eyes as she collapsed, she didn't want to watch her spell kill Gourry.

          Zelgadis cast a protection barrier around Gourry, he knew it was a futile effort, he was to weak from the Ragna Blades.

          Gourry never felt the protection barrier  or Amelia's spell pass over him. He gave himself to the darkness that he had been fighting. Xellos's screams as he died were the last thing he knew.


          Zelgadis looked up, he didn't want to see his friend dead, but he had to make sure Xellos had been killed. what he saw shocked him. Gourry lay in a pile, a magical sheild still surrouned him. Luna he thought, he turned to look at the Cehpied Knight. What he saw he did not expect. "Lina!"

          Amelia lay on the ground nearly exhausted. She was sobbing with grief and guilt. She heard Zelgadis scream Lina's name and she pulled herself up with a panic. Lina, what was wrong with her. She didn't know if she could take loosing Lina as well. Struggling to rise as she could do was stare at her friend.

          Luna had felt the power surge into Lina, she let go the moment she understood what was happening. She stood behind her sister and watched the mass of white hair turn red once more and Lina look at her friends. She watched Lina walk forward with a determination that had been lost for the last two years of her life. For one moment in time, Lina Inverse had once again gained her powers back. Luna watched as her sister cast a protection spell over her friends.


          Lina didn't think, she only reacted. She looked at her friends as they fought for her. She did what she had to, she protected them one last time. Crimson eyes looked at Gourry, Amelia and then Zel. She knew the danger was over to them and let her spell fade. She smiled to her friends giving the victory sign. Then all returned to black.


          Mrs. Inverse had her hands full. She and Luna had been watching over the children the last few days. All were exhausted and hurt. Gourry was by far the worst. It had taken all Luna had known to save him after the battle. Zelgadis and Amelia had also helped to save Gourry, which just made their exhaustion worse.

          She walked to Lina's room and looked in at her husband. He had chose to stay with his youngest daughter the whole time. Luna had told them of how she had been returned to her former glory. Now the price for that was clear. Her hair was completly white, no trace of red at all. She hadn't woke once in the last few days. She looked so pale and weak.

          Next she went to Amelia's room. The princess was asleep again. She was atleast glad she wasn't having a nightmare. They had troubled the young girl almost every night now. Mrs. Inverse knew in a few more days Amelia would be up and about.

          Walking in the door, she looked at Luna who had elected to watch over Gourry. She touchedher daughter's shoulder and simply nodded. The young man given time would be ok. She turned to look in on the last patient.

          Zelgadis was still sleeping. Mrs. Inverse couldn't help but chuckle. She had fretted over his lack of needing sleep and would pester the poor man till he went to bed just to calm her. She understood that he didn't need sleep like everyone else, but she still worried over him. She looked at him closely and saw he was dreaming. Smoothing  bit of his wire hair she left him to his sleep.


          Zelgadis looked around. He recongized the place he stood. It was Rezo's tower, where they fought Shabernigdo. 'Why on earth am i dreaming about his place?'

          "You dream of this place, because I wished to speak to you, my grandson."

          "Rezo!" Zegadis whirled, drawing his sword, watching the Red Preist walk out of the mist of his dream.

          "I come in peace Zelgadis. I have seen the struggles you have been through and I wish to help. I still feel I have much to make up to you. I also owe Lina Inverse my thanks for her helping to free me." Rezo looked to Zelgadis with open eyes that reflected a life time of regret.

          "How do you plan to make up anything?! Your just a passing bad memory." Zelgadis couldn't help but sneer at his Grandfather.

          "I can only give you two things. Your cure and her sight." Rezo looked into his Grandson's eyes and the dream ended.


          The kingdom of Saillune was a festive one. For today their Princess was to be married. Everyone gathered on the streets and on the windows of buildings, throwing flower petals and confetti as Amelia Will Tesla Saillune Greywords passed by with her husband  Zelgadis Greywords, Princess and Prince of Saillune.

          Awaiting the Royal couple was a coach at the end of the presscion. The climbed inside and was taken to the kingdom of Zephilla. There they were to meet with Lina and Gourry Gabriev and together the two couples would share a honeymoon.

          Once they met up together, the two women looked at each other and burst into tears hugging each other. The two men, shook hands and clasped each other on the back then stood back talking with the women made a scene.

          "Ya know Zel, even after six months it is still stange to see you as a human." Gourry had slipped some back into his absent minded ways.

          Zelgadis just laughed. "Gourry my friend, I still forget I'm human. Amelia is becoming alot stronger in healing." He looked at the women. "I wish I could have done more for her, for Lina. I know she is weak still, Mrs. Inverse told me how easily she tires."

          "Zelgadis, you gave her back her sight. I know you claim you had nothing to do with it, but you did. There is no hope her magic will ever return, but you couldn't change that." Gourry looked to his wife's crimson eyes as he spoke. "Lina is going to have a rough time head of her in the next few months I'm afraid though."

          "Why is that Gourry?" Zelgadis looked at the small woman concerned.

          "Were not sure how easy this pregnacy will be for her." Gourry just grinned as he glanced over at Zelgadis.

          Zelgadis started tosay something but the squeels and yells from Amelia told him she had just found out. He stood there watching them and listening to Amelia insist that they move to the Royal Palace. 'Yes, life is good now.' He thought as walked with his friend over to what was  the begining of a new path in life.

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