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Chapter 5
          Amelia looked at the warrior's back as they continued their travels, she knew that by nightfall they would reach border of Zephilia. Every night Gourry awoke from a new nightmare, each one slowly getting worse. Ameila knew that tonight would be the last night they camped out, tomorrow would bring them to Lina. She couldn't help but wonder if his nightmares were getting worse because  he hadn't seen her in so long,  along with the new threat to her wellbeing.

          In a way Amelia thought the nightmares were a good thing, every night he had been with them on this journey had brought him just a little closer back to them. He talked more and more to them, opening up with questions about Lina, about life now and what they all had been doing in the last couple of years. He even smiled now some, which made her happy thinking about it.


          Zelgadis watched the princess's  face as her expressions mirrored the emotions she felt. He had been the one to comfort her in the last few years and admiting he really cared for her had been one of the hardest things he had ever allowed himself to admit. He mused at how life had used a tragedy to make him see that a cure was not important.

          "Lets find a place to break for camp, tomorrow we will be where we need to go." Pointing to a clearing he nodded to Gourry and the swordman left to make sure it was safe.

          "Amelia is there enough food left for tonight?" The fact that Gourry's appetite had been growing hadn't escaped Zelgadis's attention.

          "Oh yes, I packed extra Mr. Zelgadis. I was hoping that he would start eating more. He's too thin." Amelia smiled pulling the hidden food out.

          Zelgadis couldn't help but smile at the young woman as he helped her set up and start cooking.


          "Hey little girl you shouldn't be out here like this alone?" The first time I met her...

          "How does someone with jellyfish for brains know all about that time of the month?" That memory drifts into my dreams now..

          "I don't know, for the rest of my life I suppose..." That night in the desert she let her defenses down. I wasn't totally asleep Lina...I can still feel you leaning on me..

          Waking up on the ruins with her in my arms....One of the best moments in life....

          Sitting on the edge of a lake, Gourry watched his memories fill the waters reflection. Smiling and laughing, he looked back at his life with Lina, and how complete he had always felt with her. "Rain?" Holding his hand out he looked at the droplets of water falling into his hand. Glancing at the reflections, his stomach knotted with fear as Lina's image  was broken and shattered by the droplets.

          The lake begins to change, turning red as the rain changes. Blood, the lake is filled with blood, Lina's blood. It sounds like, it's Lina's screams...

          Kopi Rezo...I couldn't stop him then..Lina..oh gods Sylphiel save her...

          Conzel...Her screams as she falls still fill me this terror...again I was useless...

          Shabernigdo...Phibrizo...She risked herself for me..for her friends..still she was so weak afterwards...

          Xellos..he is feeding from her...he is taking her dispair and using it to kill her..

          Sinking to his knees at the lake of blood he screams, his agony and pain filling the air. "I couldn't save her all those times...How can I now??"

          A woman with purple hair walks up beside me. I know who she is. I just want her to leave me alone. She looks to the lake to the images and a cold smile forms on her lips. "See you were useless then, even with the Sword of Light. All those times a burden to Lina. Don't forget DarkStar Gourry. You lost the Sword of Light to Val-Gav didn't you? A useless effort to protect Lina. Intead you allowed the Dark Lord into our world, how many people died because of your lack of ability?"

          I can't fight against her. I get up and run, stumbling over things I don't care where I am going. I just need to get away from her. From the guilt and pain I feel everytime I face her.

          A village by the ocean. I've been here before. Oh him, he is here. The man with black hair. He looks at me and motions me over. I like the fool I am go over to him. He looks at me and at the sword on my hip. "Will you throw it away? Your sword? I know that it's not my buisness. I don't care what will happen to you and your sword. I don't care if someone else takes it and kills many men. I don't care if you will save the people by that sword. All are not my buisness." Placing his fishing rod down, he looked straight  into the eyes of the young man. "What I do care about is that you did throw it away and with that action allowed my youngest daughter to be killed."

          No..thats not right Lina is still alive...

          Luna walks upbeside the man her words start to echo around me, mixing with his. "Your fault. You allowed it to happen. Threw your sword away. Allowed my youngest daughter to be killed."

          Lina! he has her by the hair, she hangs so limp, so pale. He throws her at my feet. She is dead. Closing my eyes, I try to tear Xellos apart, only I can't touch him. "Too late Gourry...too late..I have won...."


          Screaming Gourry sat up, looking about wildly. He couldn't get away from that nightmare. He felt like he was going to be sick. "Lina. We have to get to Lina before tonight."

          "Why Gourry, what is it?" Kneeling beside the man, Zelgadis looked at him closely. Gourry had been shaken by what ever he has seen.

          "Mr. Gourry? What is going to happen to Lina?" Amelia edged closer to them.

          "Lina is in danger. I have to get to her. I won't fail again." Getting up he began to break camp in the darkness of predawn. "I just can't fail again..."

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