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Chapter 11
          It was well into the morning, but today the sun did not shine. Heavy clouds blanketed the sky, making it seem as if nature herself was upset. Torches that had been lit slowly burned out and were totally exstinguished as it begain to rain. The people who worked against time to find survivors,didn't stop working, even as the rain became a downpour.

          Lina worked with her mother, keeping coffee and other hot drinks ready for the rescue workers. Luna was at the restaurant preparing food for everyone. Mr. Inverse, Gourry and Zelgadis were among the rescue team. Amelia had left to speak with the Queen of Zephilia about this tragedy and offer the support of Saillune.

          Mrs. Inverse kept Lina close to her, for once was glad for the first time Lina was blind. It spared her the sight of seeing the bodies being found, and the sad faces of the people who confirmed them dead. Lina had been silent since it happened, uncharacteristically doing as she was told. Sight or no sight, she had refused to stay home, Lina was determined to help some how. Mrs. Inverse knew Lina was blaming herself for the destruction of the magic school and for the deaths of the students.

          Working between the blond man and the chimera had been unusual, both of them could move debris faster than five of the villagers. It had give them a small hope, that if there was survivors they would find them sooner. Mr. Inverse sighed knowing that they hadn't found any. Everyone had held onto that small hope till Zelgadis reminded them, it was a magic school. The blast destroyed the building, but inside potions and numerous other things was probably what did the most damage. The young men who currently were living under his roof worked quietly, not caring about the people staring at them.

          Gourry was moving a large piece of timber when he noticed a hand sticking out from under a collapsed wall. Yelling to Zelgadis, the two of them dug the young student out.

          Zelgadis recognized the child immediately, it was the boy they had met on the porch when they arrived. He was one of Lina's students. Zelgadis growled, it was quite obvious that the student was dead. Stone hands reached over and closed the green eyes. "Should you or I tell Lina about him?" The deep voice of the chimera was full of grief, full of outrage. These were children, that they were finding, some as  young as six years old.

          "That was the last one, all forty students have been accounted for. You two go back and take Lina home. She isn't looking too good." Mr. Inverse shook his head, all of the students and teachers had been found dead..

          "I can stay and help" Zelgadis never finished as Mr. Inverse told him no, that without his and Gourry's help it would have taken them days to uncover everything.

          Lina heard the familiar sounds of her friends foot steps, she turned towards the sound of their footsteps quickly hoping against hope that they had good news. "Guys?"

          "I'm sorry Lina, they were no survivors.."

          She wasn't sure of who said it, she wasn't sure of who was still speaking. The world was spinning, she reached out through the darkness, trying to find something to hold onto. Anything, she just needed someone to tell her this was all a bad dream, but it wasn't, her heart felt too much pain. She felt strong arms reaching around her, lowering her to the ground as her legs refused to hold her up. Closing her eyes she let the darkness swallow her.

          "She fainted." Gourry sat there holding her.


          "Where am I?"  Black swirled around the sorceress. She blinked and cleared her head, looking about. Slowly she realized she was in her old traveling outfit and her hair was once more red, but what was most startling was, she could see.

          "Your body is being carried by Gourry, back to your parents house Lina." The black swirls slowly became one, forming the smiling form of Xellos. "Welcome to the astral plain Lina."

          Lina didn't know what to do, too many emotions conflicting within her resulted in her dealing with this in true Lina Inverse fashion. She began to cast the Dragon Slave.

          "Now, now, I wouldn't do that. You see Lina, while yes, you could cast that here, it would kill your body." Xellos chuckled, as the red head stopped in mid spell.

          "Why am I here?" Lina stared at him.

          "To talk my dear Lina."

          "About what?" Her temper was growing short.

          "About how many more people I am going to have to kill.." Xellos opened his eyes and images of people she knew filled the area around Lina.

          Lina stood in shock looking at everyone. She hadn't seen some of these people in years and others she longed to see everyday. Her eyes went from one to another. Her parents, Amelia who was with her Queen, Zelgadis and Gourry. She just stopped looking at him, she never realized how much he had changed. Soon a laugh caught her attention, it was Naga, then came Sylphiel, Filia, baby Val, Martina and Zangalis..

          "Take a close look Lina, I am going to kill everyone who you have ever known. One at a time each night, someone is going to die.The school was the first one."

          Lina screamed, she couldn't take this. It hurt too badly, she didn't understand why he just didn't kill her! Taking a breath, she decided to take the choice of when she would die from Xellos, she let out her pain and grief. Her own blood she knew would be well spent in trying to save the ones she loved as she brought her hands together. "Dragon Slave!"


          Gourry was in sight of the house when suddenly Lina stiffened in his arms, her eyes opened and  she screamed in pain. Gourry watched in terror as she went limp, her head falling back. White eyes as blank as he the boy had found. "Lina?" He lay her on the ground quickly. Zelgadis had began to cast a healing spell. "Lina!" He demanded a response, fear settling over him as he realized she wasn't breathing.

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